Kitchen Reno (Phase 3, Stage 2)

Warning: Photo heavy post

The plumber came this morning and after a little bit of grumbling, it is all installed and I have running water in my kitchen again. Hurray! So here is the photo tour…

left side This is the run of cabinets that we just put in. You can see that I have even done the dishes in the new sink. The dishwasher will go in that space at the near end. I was standing with my back to the cabinets that I showed you a week or so ago when I took the photo.

under sink This is what is under the sink. The garbage will sit to the left of it. And the top shelf has to remain half full because of the drain. This is only a 24″ cabinet because I figured I’d rather have more cupboard space for other things.

pull out baskets Next is a 21″ cabinet with pull out wire baskets. Those are pretty sturdy baskets, which I’m pleased about. I’m seriously considering getting some for the Stage 1 cabinet. Makes the stuff at the back actually accessible.

carousel And, in the corner, a cabinet with a carousel, making the space back in the corner accessible. These don’t feel as sturdy as the others, though. And that makes sense as they are held on in the middle of the straight side. My trays fit underneath the bottom one and the pan lids fit on the door nicely.

The drawers above those two cabinets have baking related tools (beaters for the electric mixer, measuring spoons, etc.) and a drawer of aluminum foil, waxed paper, ziploc bags and so on.

right side pan drawer Opposite that is the peninsula we put in a couple of years ago. It has been extended by one unit which opens to the other side. The coloured bins are for (top to bottom) compost, plastics/glass, and paper recycling. And next to those are pan drawers with drawers for wooden spoons, knives and things above.

above counterI have rearranged the contents of the wall cabinet above the new run to have things that we need access to when cooking or working at that counter.

dining sidedishes The other side of the peninsula has items we mostly access from that side, like dishes. The cabinet nearest the door to the hallway is full of beer, booze, and cat food. (That’s the beer stock. I do keep several bottles in the fridge at all times.)

The cat food dishes are not usually there but underfoot on the other side. They have been very disturbed by all the construction and Donner, in particular, is not keen on eating in what is effectively a hallway. I think Blitzen likes the fact that his bowl has been near the refills.

pantryTo round off the tour a photo of the pantry cupboard. As you can see, not all of the drawers are attached to the door. But they all pull out for easy access to the back of the shelf.

I guess the tour would not be complete without a view of the new and improved plumbing. new plumbing
You only saw the old stuff once the cabinet had been taken out but the cabinet itself had no back and a big U had been cut out of the bottom to accomodate all the pipes. This meant that all kinds of junk could fall down into the space under the cabinet. Not pretty. Not so with the new improved model, where the plumber drilled holes for the pipes in the assembled cabinet and tried to make it all as convenient as possible. All the hook-ups for the dishwasher are there so we can install it ourselves when it arrives.

Details, for those who are wondering, All cabinets came from IKEA. Akurum units with Nexus Birch doors. The handles are Attest. The counter top is Pronomen Beech. All those funky interior fittings are from them, too. So is the sink. Beware, their sink strainers didn’t come with all the right stuff so my plumber put in different ones. Also the tap came from somewhere else and is made by Kohler. (Although IKEA in North America seems to do standard North American bed sizes and measures all the kitchen cabinetry in inches instead of metric, the fittings for the plumbing are European. And they didn’t seem to come with adaptors.)

We didn’t buy any appliances from them either. We like to buy the most energy efficient ones possible so we research it online (NRCan has a good list) and then go to an appliance place. The fridge is a Kenmore (from Sears) that we bought when we moved in. The stove is a Frigidaire that we bought second hand from friends. The dishwasher (on order) is a Bosch.

So now we take a break. Probably not for long but Tigger is around next week so maybe we’ll do nice things with her. She takes off again on the 2nd for a week at Camp Davern (run by the Y). We need to do something about the flooring in the recently refinished part at least and I want a tiled splashback. I suppose we should paint the rest of the walls as well.


8 thoughts on “Kitchen Reno (Phase 3, Stage 2)

  1. Looking good. We’ve moved to a new Sabbatical sublet in Sydney; much better kitchen. But I miss my own! What’s the point of a great big saucepan (C has to stand on tiptoe to see into it when it’s on the burner) that has plastic handles and lid top, so can’t go in the oven? Hmmm.


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