how unschooling works

When I walked into the living room this morning, I saw some evidence of how unschooling works. As far as I can work it out, you acquire resources and leave them somewhere accessible. You make sure folks know they are there but you don’t make too much of a big deal about them. One day, they get taken off the shelf and used. Usually at really odd times.

In our house, it seems that even Blitzen is interested in learning some chemistry.

Blitzen reads up on chemistry

For those that are interested, that is The Periodic Table: elements with style. I suspect this means that, as tiring as Shakespeare camp is, Tigger (who is not a cat, just to be clear) was reading it at 8 a.m. this morning.

The quilt in the background is one I made for her when I was pregnant and that Tigger still uses as a lap blanket. The shawl Blitzen is lying on is Peacock Feathers knit in some fingering weight alpaca I got from Elann several years ago.

2 thoughts on “how unschooling works

  1. That so works! Better yet, hang stuff on the wall sometimes. We’ve had the political candidates for the upcoming election on the wall and have been tracking things for months at dinner time through talk. The other day I asked them what animal was often used to symbolize the two popular parties here and they knew right away.


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