almost there …

We’re so close I’m not going to post photos today. But we are ready to call the plumber back to hook up the pipes for the sink. The 8 foot counter top was about 1″ too short for that run of cabinets so we’ve had to piece it in the end. It looks pretty good. The hole has been cut for the sink. The faucet is all in place (and looks pretty snazzy, which is should for the price). I’ve put a carousel in the corner cabinet and pull out wire-basket drawers in one of the other cabinets. The doors are still not on the sink cabinet but that will happen after the plumbing is done.

Now we just need to think about flooring and tiles for the back-splash. That won’t happen right away. Maybe when Tigger is away at camp in a couple of weeks.


2 thoughts on “almost there …

  1. You really are moving along there! There is nothing like that end of project surge feeling of accomplishment. Reward yourself with a much deserved break before heading into the next phase!


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