The plumber’s verdict

One day I would like to hire a tradesperson, have them come into my house and NOT say (with furrowed brow) “Why would they have done it like that?” I suppose it is a good thing it wasn’t us that did it like that, but still. It takes 10 minutes to get over the bafflement and on to the decision about how to fix it and make it work for what we are trying to do now.

old plumbing The green stop-cock is for the exterior tap and cause the most brow-furrowing. (click to get a better view)

So, we need to cut some holes in the ceiling of the room downstairs. One will need an access panel and will have the stop-cock for the exterior tap, near the wall the tap is actually on. And with a stop-cock that actually turns all the way off. Another hole will allow access to the pipes that come up to our sink. They will then come back on Monday, saw everything off above the kitchen floor, saw them and cap them temporarily below the floor to be reconnected later and get rid of all the nasty pipework that caused all the furrowed brow.

We will then install the rest of the cabinets, cut the hole in the countertop for the sink, screw everything down and set (but not secure) the sink in its hole. Call back the plumbers and they’ll come and plumb everything in and set up the plumbing for the dishwasher so we can hook it up ourselves when it arrives. He’d plumb in the dishwasher, too, if it was here but it won’t be.

The tap we bought from IKEA is going to be returned. European connectors and no adapter (we may be metric in Canada but we are in a North American market so all the building stuff is mainly Imperial). So I have sent Mat off to the hardware store to get a new tap. Not too expensive. Single hole. Nice small fitting on top (the decorative part). And in brushed stainless like the fan hood and cabinet handles.

stove counternew counter

The counter around the stove is done. (Kettle temporarily next to stove while other counter is being oiled.) The counter on the new bit is done. A bit uneven down one edge but I’m hoping that some wood filler will work. Otherwise a bit of scotia moulding might be in order.I’m finishing up the extra cabinet for the peninsula.

The plumber doesn’t want to come on Friday (especially if we buy a Grohe tap; I guess they take more thinking than is feasible on Friday) but he’s going to tell the guy that does the booking that he is likely to be coming here on Monday. We have to phone to confirm when we’ve done the ceiling holes (this afternoon or early Monday morning). That will give us Tuesday and Wednesday to install cabinets and counter (and maybe part of Monday) to have him come back on Thursday. This means that the whole thing should be done by the end of next week. Hurray.

Of course I have bunch of work to do, too. So maybe I need to ramp up into workaholic mode. 😉


3 thoughts on “The plumber’s verdict

  1. ROFL. There’s lots of that the brow furrowing going on in our reno. The kitchen extension looks like it might have been what we refer to here as ‘a bodgey job’. Not footings in the corners, for instance. But the builder is slowly sorting it all out.


  2. LOL–I hear that a lot hear as well. That, and “I guess they didn’t use levels when they built this place.” I looks gorgeous so far!


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