There is always something…

So we got the other cabinets ripped out, patched what needed patching on the wall, and got some paint up (since the old counter had a built in splash-back and this one doesn’t. We started examining the work to be done in detail this morning, making measurements, etc. We downloaded the PDF of the installation instructions for the dishwasher we have ordered (fancy German engineering, maximum flexibility in the interior racks, and, most importantly, very good energy and water consumption; but it is expensive so they don’t keep them in stock).

The hiccup is that the pipes come out of the floor a little bit too far to the left. We did every kind of mental gymnastics possible to figure out if we could fit the dishwasher beside them and still get the fridge door open but had to admit defeat. We’ve called a plumber to move all that stuff over a couple of inches. S/he is coming tomorrow morning. I hope it isn’t too disruptive but it has to be done.

In the meantime we have assembled the corner cabinet and put it where we think it is going to go (4″ from the wall at the right hand end to give clearance for the gas pipe to the stove) but haven’t screwed it into the wall so we can adjust it if necessary. Mat has just gone out to by a heavy duty jigsaw blade and we plan to measure up for the counter that goes along the wall with the stove. It’ll need a U cut in it for the stove. We’ll cut that this afternoon and then measure and cut the cover panels that will hide the gaps at the side of the oven. We can secure the one to the right of the stove but the other one will have to wait until we determine the final position for the corner cabinet.

Also, because they were out of 6′ lengths of countertop we bought 2 eight-foot lengths and a 4′. This is going to work better anyway, with fewer joins, though we’ll have over 2′ left over. But it does mean that we can go ahead and cut the 18″ piece we need for the finished section that I showed you yesterday and fit that. We might even put in the other 18″ cabinet that extends the peninsula since we’re going to reposition the counter on that. All of that should be enough to keep us busy until the plumber gets here sometime before noon tomorrow. Then hopefully we can get the other cabinets and the sink installed either tomorrow afternoon or on Saturday.

Luckily, our laundry room is on the ground floor. So I can do the dishes in there and get water for cooking and so on. We also discovered the cause of the low water pressure in our outside tap. We bought the house in the winter (of 2004) and the former owners must have turned off the valve from the inside. The valve doesn’t turn off all the way, though so we always thought it was just low pressure. When I was turning off the valves to remove the old sink there was a third one under the sink. I had Mat go outside and turn on the outside tap. Sure enough, that valve is for the outside tap and turned all the way on, we have plenty of pressure. Not that we use it much anyway, preferring to water using watering cans filled from the rain barrels.

So life is not too disrupted though the kitchen is in disarray and there are boxes of kitchen stuff in the living room. Hopefully, the plumbing is straightforward and I can show you some “finished” pictures soon.

3 thoughts on “There is always something…

  1. Ugh, we’re facing this sort of thing if we move the “laundry area” downstairs. Currently it’s in the kitchen, which I hated at first but now it’s kind of handy, even if the kitchen is a MINIATURE ROOM. But to move those pipes – yegads – we’ve been quoted in the almost thousand dollar range. So we do a Scarlett and wait for another day.


  2. WHile inconvient to both you and your bank account, the end result will be well worth it. I only hope it doesn’t cut into your yarn money too much, as I heard plumbers are having a bit of supply/demand issues in Canada!


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