Kitchen Reno (Phase 3, Stage 1)

Don’t look through the archives for photos of Phases 1 and 2 or anything. I don’t think I blogged them. But you should know that we are not gutting the whole kitchen and having it redone with all the attendant disruption. No, we are more the kind of folks that will live with a half-renovated kitchen for several years.

So, Phase 1 was when our friends had their kitchen remodeled (by a professional) and needed to get a different stove. Something to do with the extractor fan. Anyway, their stove was only 3 years old. More importantly it was gas (well, the oven is electric convection; but the stove top is gas). They knew we preferred gas and sold us their old stove for a decent price. We then spent 3 times as much on a decent extractor fan but heck. Life is like that sometimes.

To fit the new stove in we removed the stove top and counter and related cabinetry and slotted it in. We also destroyed a unit on the opposite wall with a built in oven and put the fridge over there. It is not at all energy efficient to have your fridge next to the stove. The fridge was right up against the window, overlapping the frame a bit but we knew it would be moved a bit in the end. Some painting needed to happen at this point since bare wall was being exposed. So we found a cream colour that blended with the existing counter top and painted the newly exposed stuff and the wall space between the counter and wall units all the way around.

Two years ago (which might have been a year or so after the new-to-us stove), we decided to build a new peninsula where the fridge used to be, making a U-shape with the stove at the base of the U. This could be done without any adjustment to the existing kitchen so we just did that. There were some temporary things about the way the counter top is installed but otherwise, it is basically the new kitchen. So I’ll call this Phase 2. At about the same time, we took out the wall units next to the stove (which included one of the most badly designed corner cabinets I have ever come across) and put in new wall units in that section. It might have been this summer that I painted some more walls with the cream and got some bright orange (I took the lid to my Le Creuset pan to the paint shop) for the bulkhead and one accent wall on the opposite side of the room.

Here is what that part of the kitchen looks like today. Excuse the piles of stuff on the peninsula. We are renovating and stuff is kind of randomly stacked on surfaces.

kitchen before

The pan rack we brought with us from the UK. That turquoise basket is sitting on a step-stool. The door into the rest of the house is at the right hand end, right next to the penninsula. My kitchen is a 16′ x 21′ extension on the back of the house. You are looking at about 2/3 of the short end.

You can see some of the old units in that old photo, too. They used to extend further to the left and go right around the corner. There were more badly designed corner cabinets with doors that weren’t closing properly. Those are now gone. And we have this:

stage 1

The tall cabinet is a pull-out pantry unit. As you can see, the Magritte door handle moment was temporary. We realized after the fact that making the decision about handle placement based on aesthetics (all horizontal) means that the cabinet above the kettle doesn’t open all the way. It contains mugs and coffee so it doesn’t need to. That is temporary counter top.

The table sits to the left of this in front of a large window overlooking the garden. The table has been moved to give us more space to build cabinets right now. Facing the table we have this:


Clearly it needs a couple of shelves, but I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. I also like the fact that we can hang a picture at the end of the kitchen. That print was a gift from a friend, made by another friend, and it was looking for a place to live. Mat was happy about it, too, because there was wiring for under-cabinet lighting there and the wall patch wasn’t as smooth as you might want. Bumpy plaster is now hidden behind the print.

Stage 2 of this phase will happen later this week. It involves ripping out the remaining old units, including the sink and some complicated stuff in the corner where the pipe for the gas is running through a cabinet. New units will be installed. The dishwasher and sink will be under the window (you can probably see the wire and pipe for the dishwasher in the top photo if you click to make it bigger) but more to the right than the current configuration. The left-hand edge of the dishwasher will be just a bit to the left of the left-hand side of the window frame. At the other end, there will be a corner cabinet with a carousel. The new counter-top will be like that on the peninsula (beech, butcher block).

We also realized that when we do the counter properly, we could gain up to 20″ on the penninsula and there is plenty of space for that. So we are going to put another cabinet under there (where the turquoise basket is in the first photo). It will open towards the eating part of the room. This means that most of the dishes and glassware will be stored in cabinets facing the table. And the kitchen stuff will be in the U, with food in the pantry bit at the side there.

You can’t really see it in photo 3, but the wall with that big window in it is still green. So we need to paint that as well. And then there is the floor. We have exposed floor that used to be under cabinets so didn’t have any covering. For the time being our plan is to lift the vinyl in the kitchen part and maybe replace it with something that coordinates with the rest of the room. The vinyl is good quality and looks pretty nice (lots of people think we have stone flooring at first). And doing the whole room would be a bit of a pain. But we’ll see. That might wait a while.

More detail than you probably wanted. I hope someone was interested. I’ll do the Shakespeare update in a separate post.


3 thoughts on “Kitchen Reno (Phase 3, Stage 1)

  1. Hmm, I really like seeing what other people are doing in their reno work. We’ll have to do something to our kitchen sometime, if only so I don’t bean someone with a pot lid in a fit of THISROOMISTOOSMALL-itis.

    Don’t you love gas stoves? We had propane put in so we could get a gas stove.


  2. I love your happy orange. The layout looks really workable – it’s almost identical to ours, except ours is a bit smaller and has a door to the outside where you have that print hung. Here we build kitchens to the outdoors for the long summer BBQ eating season. The two weeks of 14-18 deg days in the winter aren’t really a problem for doors to the outside.

    Our builder and kitchen fitter have put us off the pull-out pantry – what the builder said said was “I’ll put it in but don’t call me in two years when it pulls apart.” 🙂 So we are having a cupboard with pull-out drawers inside. I have had that in the past, when my late partner was in a wheelchair, and it worked well.


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