First day of camp

It went well. I made her tuna sandwiches and packed sliced cucumbers, peppers and carrots. 2 apples. 2 large bottles of water. All were consumed except the apples. And it turns out peanut butter will be okay and one of the counsellors has a nasty anaphylactic fish allergy. So she’s getting the rest of the tuna tomorrow (and will take the necessary precautions, which is presumably what happened today) and then she get peanut butter. Oy vey.

Actually that is kind of funny (weird, not haha) because it did occur to me the other day that not only did the nut thing not happen when we were kids, but my cousin (9 years older) had a nasty fish allergy and I bet no one instituted blanket bans on tuna for that. Ironic.

So it was hot and sunny today. She came home sweaty, tired and happy. I convinced her to have a shower which helped. She is voluntarily going to bed a bit earlier. I think this is going to be fun but tiring. For those who asked, the camp is here in town (Ottawa) and run by Salamander Theatre. It has a good reputation. We plan to attend their company’s performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at some point (maybe next week). And we will attend the St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival production of As You Like it on Friday with the camp. I do have a plan to make a family trip to Stratford in the fall, though.

Mat had an MA defense today (examining; he is long past having to defend one himself) so he biked in with Tigger and then went on to work. So I was alone. I put the dried strawberries in a jar and sliced the remains of the 4L basket and put them in the dryer. Then I went for a brisk 20 minute walk (I have a route around the neighbourhood). Then I dealt with gooseberries. We had picked about 2kg last night and frozen them on cookie sheets. I bagged those up and then went and picked another 2.3 kg, washed and laid them out on cookie sheets. I found a garden glove with leather palm (only one; but I only needed it for the hand holding the branches) but should have gone and put a long sleeved shirt on. My forearm looks like I’ve been in a fight with a cat. All of that came from 1 bush. And there are still berries on it. We pick them green. Mat is English and likes them tart for gooseberry fool. But there was one red one that I ate while picking and they are really nice ripe. So I’m trying to convince him to leave what is there to ripen and eat fresh. The blackcurrants also need picking. That’ll be a job for tomorrow morning.

Then I emptied some of the kitchen cabinets. Tomorrow the destruction begins. We’re finishing the kitchen reno we started a few years ago. And this phase can be done in two stages so we’ll do the less disruptive stage first (the bit not involving the sink; though it will mean disconnecting the dishwasher). We’ll cut the counter at the new end point and rip out everything to the left. Paint the wall; rip up vinyl flooring. Move the fridge to it’s new position. I’m wondering if we need to move some electrical outlets, too. Then build some cupboards. One over the fridge. A bottom and top unit next to the fridge and then a full height pull-out pantry unit next to that.

Of course we are also going out to the garden annex on Wednesday to weed and pick potatoes (and whatever else needs picking) and I want to stop and pick some strawberries on the way back. But hopefully stage one can be done by the end of the week. Then we have to contemplate plumbing. Frown


3 thoughts on “First day of camp

  1. So glad Tigger enjoyed camp. And as one with the nut allergy, this banning stuff is all new. I had to be personally responsible as a little kid to not eat other’s food, period. It wasn’t that hard to do, either. So other than having to leave cooking class the day they made peanut butter cookies, I had no adaptations. I worry that if kids don’t have to deal with it early, when will they learn to handle their allergy?
    SOunds like a wonderfully productive day. So many berries! We were just wondering last night how mnay we would have to plant in order to have extras to freeze, as they never seem to get past being washed here! Good luck on the demo…hope it goes smoothly!


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