I’m out of practice

Tigger starts Shakespeare camp on Monday. The letter came today with all the details and I realize that one of the things I do not miss about school is packing lunches. My kid eats peanut butter sandwiches almost every day. But no nuts in packed lunches. Bring lots of food; we’ll be active. No nuts. Tigger doesn’t like raisins or other dried fruit. Ack. She and her dad have gone to the grocery store to find supplies.

I’m sure it will be fun. She is really looking forward to it. And it’s a great learning experience, too. But we’ll have to get up and out of the house in the morning and pack lunches. Ick.  I should console myself that it is only for 3 weeks.

In other news, she’s going to her first gig tonight. Friends have tickets to BluesFest and Feist is playing tonight. Free if you are 10 and under (she won’t be 11 for another 12 days; yes, she’s counting). So she’s going with them and sleeping over. We’ll pick her up in the morning on our way to Frontenac Park for a 3 hour walk with other friends. I’m suspecting she’ll sleep in the car. She has been told that there will be no whining on the walk.

July seems to be shaping up nicely. Lots of sun. Not to much humidity. Yesterday morning was very wet but it cleared up in the afternoon. Lets hope it stays like this.


7 thoughts on “I’m out of practice

  1. I found the No Nuts rule onerous when my kids were in kindergarten – and no one was even allergic to them. It was a “safety precaution.”

    Do they do a play at the end of the camp? I miss this about the big city we used to live in. M. did a Shakespeare camp and loved every bit of it. NPR has been doing a Shakespeare ‘millisecond’ all week on Morning Edition.


  2. Girl is going to the high school for a first period class in the fall. I’m not looking forward to getting her up and going every morning.

    I hope Tigger enjoys her camp!


  3. I’ll have to do sack lunches for the next two weeks, too. Princess has summer ballet intensive. I will have to rely on peanut butter. I didn’t look to see if there were rules. Better check.

    Is the camp at Stratford? I know they have some interesting things. I am jealous of Tigger’s opportunity. I wonder if they would take an old lady.


  4. This was always a challenge for us, as I am the one with a severe nut allergy and Girlie dislikes lunch meat and cheese. She ended up with a huge mix of snack stuff-jerky, veggies, fruit, and granola bars, and grazed all day.

    I hope Tigger enjoys the camp..it sounds amazing.


  5. The only reason I can put up with all the nonsense from our activities, extracurricular and otherwise, is because I don’t have institutional school on top of everything else.

    I have a child who would starve without at least one peanut butter sandwich during the day, and it’s a good source of protein and holds up well during hot weather (messy, but safe). And I found out that all the kids’ favorite granola bars, which I buy for the occasional treat for bag lunches etc., have nuts. Oy. This became a problem when the kids did Missoula Theater, because the school has a no nuts rule. No nuts indeed.

    It sounds as if Tigger is going to have a fabulous three weeks — Feist, birthday, and Shakespeare camp!


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