Peas and beans and barley grow

Well, not barley but you get my drift. More photos of the garden. The weather has been a bit odd. We had a real hot spell and now it is coolish again (well, the English folks in the house don’t think so, but I left England for a reason). Lots of rain so stuff is growing. Today you get to see the broad beans and the peas.

broad beans June Nice flowers, eh? They grow all up the stalk like that. And lots of flowers means lots of beans eventually. I think the plants are still getting taller, too. And they’ve filled out enough that Blitzen doesn’t even try to sleep between them. Smile

Peas Junepea blossoms The peas are going a bit crazy, too. And they are flowering. Aren’t those flowers pretty? I’m not sure but the colour of the flowers makes me hopeful that these are the purple peas we acquired from the gardener at Upper Canada Village last summer. (There are real advantages to chatting to the gardeners.) He gave us permission to pick some purple peas and suggested we dry them and plant them next year. So we did.

The cucumbers and zucchini are also flowering. Mat even saw and actual zucchini the other day. I suppose I should go check that out before it gets too big. We are eating strawberries though there are lots that would appreciate a bit more sun. I also went out the annex at J’s place to weed the other day and came home with spinach, beet greens, and some spring onions. The potato plants are looking very happy.


One thought on “Peas and beans and barley grow

  1. Oh wow. Your garden looks fabulous. I guess your growing season is right on par with ours because our peas seem to be about the same height. We grew ours from seeds and I was amazed something sprouted out of those shriveled up dried things. You guys even dried them yourselves! Is there any trick to it or can you just dry them on the shelf?


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