cycling with kids

Tigger has been cycling on the road with us for a few years now. She has very good traffic sense and is very confident even in traffic. We’ve been teaching her the rules of the road and how to be safe when cycling in traffic but today I wondered if there was anything specific from the Ministry of Transportation that I could give her. I was thinking that the Driver’s Handbook has a lot of relevant information but also a lot of things she doesn’t need to know right now.

Look what I found! A Young Cyclists Guide. Very good. One section even has proper references to the Highway Traffic Act. And it can be downloaded as a PDF from a link right at the bottom of the page (in the fine print). This looks like a great place to start.

I do think we might move on to look at the Driver’s Handbook not least because it would be good for her to have a better understanding of what kinds of things the cars around her might do. And it has that information on safe stopping distances and so on.


2 thoughts on “cycling with kids

  1. This is something I really wish we did more of with the kids. I agree, the driving rules for autos will be very helpful. Have fun!


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