seen while gardening

Summer arrived all of a sudden at the end of last week. It usually gets hot sooner so everyone got to go from complaining about how cool and rainy it was to complaining about how hot and humid it is. We’ve been having highs of over 30C and it is pretty sticky.

Gardening has been happening anyway (and the tomatoes are more than happy about the heat). And the new camera is being used.

dragon fly It is sitting on the Salvia.

wasp building nest This is one of two wasp nests that were under construction on the inside of the shed door. It took me a while to work out how to get the flash on despite the sun so that the corner could be lit properly. The nests (and wasps) were destroyed after the photo was taken. (Can’t miss a bloggable moment. Wink)

I suppose I should get a photo of the honeysuckle that is providing shade on our front porch…


2 thoughts on “seen while gardening

  1. It’s looking very Spring-y around here! Love the salvia, just beautiful.

    I finally got to do some gardening yesterday, and then, just when needed it most, it rained in the evening. Cool and overcast today, so everything is having a nice rest.


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