Beautiful mathematics

On that recurring theme, someone on the LivingMath Forum posted a link to a talk by Ron Eglash on fractals in the design of African villages and other aspects of African cultures. Very interesting. I might have to go find some of his books. Smile There is an article available online about the origins of binary code in African patterns, something he talks a bit about in the video.

He also has a website with tools to create designs using African fractals. And one specifically designed for kids as well as a set of tools specifically designed to relate to specific cultures. Hmmm. Lots of possibilities.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful mathematics

  1. Wow, who can keep up with all the great posting lately! (Not me, at least not in my current state of poor health.) I like the cheery look too — so often I read through Google, and I miss the look of the blog.

    Do you keep an organized record of all these finds . . . or is that what the blog is for?!

    On another note, love all the thoughts on grades. We also teach to “mastery” though I define mastery in math as 80% on review tests. I’m not sure that’s working well.


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