Ron’s comment reminded me that I really should post the full photo. I had Tigger stand in front of the bush for scale. It is a pretty impressive bush.

lilac 2


6 thoughts on “Lilacs

  1. We have both white and purple lilacs. It’s anybody’s guess as to how long they’ve been there, but they’ve definitely seen some hard times. This year, though, the blooms are luscious. And I’ve just planted two more that David got me for my birthday.


  2. That bush is not in my yard. It is over at the Fletcher Wildlife Garden next to the Arboretum. I have a much smaller purple bush in my back yard.


  3. The day after I left the comment Andrea emailed me at work telling me that a few of the new bushes had blossoms coming 🙂

    In Miramichi, Andrea and I used to take at least one walk each year to admire & smell the lilacs.


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