New camera = garden photos

Someone declared a photographic emergency the other day and bought a new digital camera to replace the one out of the stone age that we’ve been using. Tigger monopolized it for a bit but I’ve managed to get my hands on it. In addition to the knitting photos in the previous post, I have a few of the front garden. Although it warmed up pretty quickly once the snow melted and the tulips and daffodils came out very fast, it then cooled a bit. We have had tulips in bloom for a good long time this year. Here are the end of mine and the first blooms on the iris.

garden first a photo from ground level of the bed to the right of our front path. This is not the same bed where the crocuses and snowdrops were. And that is my neighbour’s house.

red stripey tulip I love the colour of these. It was only when I downloaded the photos that I realized that that stripe was almost purple. If you look right down the middle of them, they are yellow inside (sorry no photo of that).

purple tulip  I’ve had lots of comments on these ones. They are very dark purple but look almost black. Very dramatic mixed in with those other ones. I’m pretty sure that it was serendipitous that this dark purple and the dark stripe in the others are so close in colour.

iris  And these are the irises. I got these from my neighbour (other side) a few years ago when her daughter-in-law was dividing them.  We have some others that are darker shades of purple (almost like that tulip) and red but they flower later.

The back garden is mostly vegetables though we do have a lovely show of alliums right now. And the lilac is in full bloom. We are eating baby lettuce, mezuna, radishes and arugula out of the garden already along with some green onions and herbs. The broad beans are up as are the peas. The strawberries are in blossom as is the apple tree. Cucumbers, tomatoes and the like have been planted out though peppers and eggplant are still in pots on the front porch. Pole beans have been planted out (started from seed indoors) and bush beans have been sown directly.

This year we have an annex at a friend’s place in the country where we’ve planted potatoes, onions, carrots, beets and other stuff that doesn’t need to be harvested daily once it is ready.


3 thoughts on “New camera = garden photos

  1. The garden looks lovely. I fear I missed photographing our tulips and lilacs, they are gone already. Sounds like you have a wonderful start on your veggies. I think we will be harvesting our buttercrunch lettuce tomorrow!

    Enjoy the new camera, and thanks for that verse. It was quite fitting!


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