I have been in a bit of a knitting funk recently but I’m starting to get back into the swing. First up a Finished Object:

baby sweater

Friends of ours in Victoria have a new baby boy. Since January. It’s about time I knitted him something. I went searching through the stash and found some Mission Falls cotton. I modified a pattern from Debbie Bliss’s Baby Knits for Beginners, using a garter rib and adding stripes. Some parts of this were knit several times because I did goofy things like forgot to divide for the armholes (I knit the body in one piece), or to add an extra stripe to the sleeves so the beige yarn would go far enough. The sizing on the pattern was bizarre. This is apparently the 6 month size but it is pretty roomy. Now someone just has to get it in the mail.

BTW, if you are thinking of learning to knit, learn well from books, and have a baby to knit for, that Debbie Bliss book would be an ideal manual. The projects done in order would teach you one new skill per project. The instructions are excellent with good illustrations. And it has the best instructions on seaming that I’ve seen.

Next up, a lace project that I bought the materials for before our Europe trip. Before one of my recent trips, Mat asked if I’d packed some knitting and I realized that I hadn’t. I looked at the sock yarn stash and was uninspired (it is pretty small). And then remembered this project. So I got started. All that time in airports and planes has meant substantial progress. I’m really enjoying it. And the folks sitting next to me in those various locations have been suitably impressed.

Hanami in progress That is how far I am… Right through the basketweave section and 75 rows into the cherry blossoms (much of that is over the top of the railing).

detail A detail of the basketweave pattern.

This is the Hanami stole. Click through to see how it will look finished. I’m not much of a baby pink person so am doing it in Zephyr Wool/Silk, colour ruby (I think). I think the yarn called for in the pattern might be a bit thicker. I’m using 3 mm needles and it is producing a nice fabric. We’ll see what size it is when it is finished and blocked but I suspect it might be a bit smaller than the pattern due to that change.

One of my friends has requested some socks so I need to go shop for sock yarn. The stole is lovely but not really conversational knitting. I’m thinking about  more lace though. I do love knitting lace.


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  1. I love the baby sweater. I wonder if I could work that out in my size. Of course, I don’t want to think about sweaters until, at least, December.


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