Mother’s Day

This is one of those holidays that we consider a “Hallmark Holiday” and ignore. But as I was driving somewhere yesterday I caught the tail end of an interview on the CBC about how Mother’s Day actually originated from women peace activists. InterPares, a non-profit organization working for justice and peace, has produced a little video:

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Or visit their Take Back the Day page.

Now I have another history topic to follow up: Anna Jarvis, and Julia Ward Howe…


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  2. We tend to ignore this holiday in the materialistic way, though we have an annual tradition of prepping the garden and barbequing. It is interesting to read the real history….thanks for hte link!


  3. Anna’s mother Ann was the real activist and pacifist, back during the Civil War. Anna wanted to honor her mother’s work. And Anna was very unhappy with the commercialization of the holiday in her own lifetime.

    Around here any expressions of love and gratitude are homemade, so the only one to profit is me :). So far I’ve received homemade cookies, a homemade cassette tape with the kids singing, handmade cards, a poem written out, some flowerpots with seeds, and a most delicious breakfast of waffles and strawberries. As it should be! And dinner will be special and AT HOME…


  4. Thanks for this video. I taught my pre-K RE class at church about the origins of Mother’s Day yesterday. We read “Ferdinand” and considered the notion that the best gift for any mother is when her children can choose peace. They seemed really taken with the idea.


  5. I heard a little blurb on NPR Sunday morning about how Mother’s Day started, and how Anna later started a petition to rescind the day as Mother’s Day, she was so unhappy with the commercialization of it. She had envisioned the writing of letters to one’s mum, not the buying of gifts and things.

    My kids went to Buckerfield’s and made me hanging baskets. My daughter talked Richard into buying some lobster tails later that day (she’d asked what my favourite food was). I wrapped them in pancetta and grilled them, then she ate half mine and told me that lobster is now her favourite food. Hmmm.


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