Writing class

Tigger and I have been doing the Kids Write Basic class with Bravewriter. It is very good. I highly recommend it. But then Julie’s philosophy is just a good fit for us.

Anyway, we are in the revising stage and I took some photos. Tigger has done a couple of freewrites, one of them expanding on a particular section of the first. I typed them up, each sentence beginning on a new line, and then she worked with the sentences to arrange them in the way she was most pleased with. A few were left out altogether. Here is what it looked like:

snip & pin snip & pin (aerial)

She’s posted some of her drafts over on her blog. I suspect the final version will go up over there, too. We still have some editing to do.

The process has been great. And it is fun seeing what other kids are writing. We now plan to take 4 pieces of writing a year through the whole revision process. Some of those will be on things we are learning. Others will be fiction she is writing.


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  1. Cutting and pasting for revision is so Eudora Welty. She wrote about her process in “One Writer’s Beginnings” which is a fabulous memoir and a journal of her writing process. I feel sure this idea came from her.


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