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In this month’s Notes from the Horn Book, I spotted a feature about a new series of Toon Books. They are marketed as a learning to read thing, drawing on kid’s visual literacy to bring them to wider literacy. But the series advisor is Art Spiegelman whose comics credentials are rock solid. So, yes, reading comics will help you kid learn to read, particularly if they are visual kids. But these might be worth checking out just because the cartoon format is an important one that does interesting things you can’t do in regular books. And the visual narrative of comics is quite closely related to other visual narrative media like TV and movies.

As I was looking at the Horn Book website, I also noticed that they have this guide to Graphic Novels with links to recommendations for different age groups.

3 thoughts on “comics for kids

  1. Owen and I just checked out some of the sample pages for the new Toon Books- he likes them. I thought they might be too simple- Owen’s been reading fluently for awhile now- but as usual, what do I know??
    Just like with audio-books, something I though my visual learner would eschew..we exhausted the library’s offerings in a few months. I have to keep reminding myself that I am merely a passenger on this ride;)


  2. Those are cute books. I think Trishy would love them, even though she won’t be ready to read for a while. Of course, they could never take the place of Calvin and Hobbes in this house. 🙂


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