Book review: Tales from the Farm

Last up, for today, another book that I thought might be of interest because the main character is a 10 year old. I kind of liked it though it is very dark and the text is very sparse. The drawing style is interesting and well suited to the content. I think the story might well appeal to some kids, but those parents that are concerned about coarse language should be aware that there is some, all totally in character and used by adult characters for the most part.

The characters are what might be described as “men of few words” and this medium is well suited to portraying their relationships and their emotional life. At least I think that is what is being portrayed. Nothing terrible happens but the life of the characters is not particularly joyous either. Isolation, both geographic and emotional, is well portrayed. (I said it was dark, didn’t I?)

This series is winning awards. And it is well worth checking out. I don’t think it is particularly the kind of story that Tigger likes, but I can imagine Steph’s Sarah finding it interesting. And boys who might identify with the main character, who has a rich fantasy life as a superhero and builds a fort by the river, might also enjoy it. Volume II: Ghost Stories is now available and has won a prize. Volume III: The Country Nurse is due out in October. The other two volumes appear to focus on different characters and the whole trilogy looks to be an interesting commentary on small town life. An interview with the author can be found here.