Getting ready for summer

On the assumption that eventually the snow will melt and the temperature will climb to “hot”, we have started planning Tigger’s summer wardrobe. The other day we got out the summer stuff and checked what fit and what didn’t and what she had and what she needed.

One major finding was that she has about a dozen t-shirts that fit. The problem is, I know she doesn’t wear them much. She doesn’t really like a standard boxy T. So, I ordered Generation T from the library. It came today and we’ve been transforming Tigger’s summer wardrobe into one that she’ll actually enjoy wearing.

First up a plain pink t-shirt. I helped her shape the side seams and then she cut the neck and sleeves to work better with the new fitted style. After rummaging through the quilt-fabric box, she added an applique.

pink heart TAltogether a much more girly top. I can see her wearing this a lot. We used this one as a guide to refit another t-shirt with a design on the front.

Next up her “Species at Risk” t-shirt. She loves to wear sleeveless tops in the summer and has grown out of most of hers. A flick through the book gave us a few ideas for creating some and we picked this style.

species at riskThis one also had the side seams taken in to fit better and prevent gaping in the chest.

Friends of ours gave her a t-shirt with a very pretty, if ironic, screen-print design. (Friends who know Bristol may get a kick out of the “severn beach” logo.) But boxy doesn’t get worn. So we went for a kind of girly, punk style. I think we cut too many strips off the bottom for strings but it isn’t too, too short.

Before: before.jpg After: punk princess

I don’t have a picture of our last creation but we took a too small tie-dyed tank top and cut it off under the arms. We then took a worn out t-shirt of Mat’s (it was navy blue but looks more grey now) and did the same. The big t-shirt was gathered and sewn onto the little one. We then folded over the tie-dyed bit and sewed it down over the seam to make a double width wide band at the top, and cut off the bottom part to make a cute short skirt. The too-small tank actually makes a good tight band around her hips.

There is still a stack of t-shirts in the living room to be transformed tomorrow or another day. Tigger was really excited and she did all the sewing (on the machine, which she is quite comfortable with). And I’m glad that all those t-shirts will actually be worn.

3 thoughts on “Getting ready for summer

  1. Hmm, I think I might do this. I’ve gotten slightly smarter over the years, and now buy only boat necked items, but I still have a fair few tees with crappy shapes and necklines that I otherwise love. I really like the changes you’ve made. It’s such a good idea I know why it’s never come up before!


  2. Oh my gosh — I’ve never seen photos of Tigger before. So cute and grown-up!

    Very cool what you’re doing with the shirts — great ideas.


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