Cool Botany idea

KC has a great idea — photographs of plants at regular intervals throughout the season (go read her whole post there are pretty pictures). She’s doing it for her own gardening purposes (though I bet the kids are learning, too) but it would fit really well with botany studies like those Rebecca is doing. I’m thinking about studying botany with Tigger as soon as we can see some plants. I have the Elpel books on the shelf.

That might be some time. The following photos were taken on Sunday from the kitchen window. (click for bigger) That’s a bird feeder. It’s on a post, believe it or not. snow 2

I took another one later (not knowing Mat had taken that one) after the “hat” had fallen off.

snow 3

You can sort of see the remains of our WWI trench (ha ha). Mat had been maintaining a path to the shed so he could get his bike out. It is now chained to the railing on the front porch.

And yes, my patio furniture never got taken in. That is the top of my parasol sticking up on the left there. The table is now completely buried. As are the chairs and the bench. Shame really because the cats can jump into the house via the window I took that picture from if they can spring off the back of the bench.

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