enough about your crocuses!


Apologies to Stephanie (who isn’t the only one, just the most recent), but it snowed another 30cm today. We are running out of places to put it, as you can see. Apparently we get 2 days respite before another snowstorm comes in on Saturday. In between we will have temperatures above freezing. That means water. All the storm drains are under banks of snow. So when it drops below freezing again we will have ice.

March is never nice. But this year is ridiculous. We have already had over 3 metres of snow this year (over 10 ft for the metrically challenged).

3 thoughts on “enough about your crocuses!

  1. I so wish you could blow some of it south to us, as we are longing for a big snow storm! I do agree, enough is enough already. Even worse will the big thaw and all that flooding..get your puddle boots out!


  2. Okay, I officially feel sorry for you! It’s not all THAT warm here, but it’s a heckuva lot warmer than it is where you are. I think we might even have been lolling in grass yesterday, in the sun, but enough about that!


  3. Yeah. *sighs* I’m feeling it too. I can’t see around the banks to turn corners when driving.

    Hey wait, we’re supposed to get snow Saturday as well. Is it coming through that fast or is the system that BIG? I hope it takes its time, as I have to go pick up Sarah then.


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