Cool history resource

I went through my bookmarks today and updated my “Useful Homeschooling Links” page. It is amazing what you forget you’ve bookmarked. EdSiteMent has fantastic resources for all kinds of humanities subjects with both lesson plans and links that can be searched by topic and/or grade level. I looked at a few and it seems to me that sometimes a part of a lesson plan could be used for a different objective and grade level. Browsing through it would be worthwhile.

We have recently read Bread and Roses, Too by Katherine Paterson, about the 1912 textile workers strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts. (I’ll review that separately.) So I looked to see what was on EdSiteMent about immigration and migration. In the links I found Picturing Modern America, and some very interesting exercises that enable kids to look at historical photographs and draw conclusions about historic events. Child-labor and industrialization are both topics. Tigger and I tried one of the “image detective” exercises about industrialization together. You choose a question, select clues in a photograph and make notes, check background information, and then draw conclusions. Then you can compare your conclusions (and reasons) to others — students and teachers at different levels and a scholar. Very interesting.

We don’t study American history in a systematic way but sometimes delve into it because we’ve found good books to read, like our study of the Dust Bowl last year. (There are a couple of lesson plans on EdSiteMent that would be great additions to such a study if you are tempted. Look under US History – Depression.) But although the history resources are mostly American, there is a lot on that site about other subjects. Well worth a good browse.