Last night was the coldest night this winter

Isn’t that crazy? It got down to -24C in the city. The night before was almost as cold and yesterday morning I took this photo of one of my kitchen windows.


Can you see the ice along the bottom? That is on the inside? Those are double-glazed windows, too.

My kitchen is on the north side of the house though that particular window faces east. All of the windows (north, east and west) in my kitchen had ice on them yesterday and today.

Of course apart from the cold, it is beautiful out there. Sunny. Clear blue sky. Snow on the ground. Dry roads. (Yes, Mat has cycled to work both days though he wouldn’t win a fashion contest for what he wears.) The cat is most upset. He wants to be out there but the cold is not his idea of a good thing, particularly when it is windy. (He goes out anyway.)

Apparently it is going to start to cloud over this afternoon and then snow tomorrow. And then next week it will be really yucky. That’s what the weather guy said. I figure March is not going to be pretty. It never is.


5 thoughts on “Last night was the coldest night this winter

  1. Ron said something about it being -31 overnight here. That might have been with the wind, I don’t know.

    And yeah – march is never nice, and around the first of April and my birthday almost always storms.


  2. We can’t even imagine this kind of cold. But we’ve had a weird summer here – hardly any really hot weather but lots of rain (which we’re not complaining about). Yesterday it was only about 18C all day – we’d normally expect about 28 at this time of year.


  3. Despite the weather, I’m always glad to see the days getting longer. Until the time change I’ll be getting up roughly with the sun and it stays light an hours after I get home.


  4. OMG, my tail is between my legs just reading that! ugh. How is that poor little African violet (or whatever that plant is) doing? That is SO cold! I just can’t imagine. Well, okay, I lived Over There for 6 years, so I can imagine, but still, that IS cold. I hope you have your red flannel long johns on…


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