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I was installing a new French corrector software today (Antidote RX, it is really good; comes from Druide Informatique) and as it was installing I noticed some stuff in my applications folder that I didn’t even know was there. Must have come installed on this machine (an iMac) when I bought it a year or so ago.

So one thing is Comic Life. Software for making comics. Will let you drag images in from iPhoto and add captions and whatnot. Has various designs for your page… I did a very quick little photo-story. (click the pictue to embiggen)
Tigger works

I know that the topic of comics has come up on the homeschoolingcreatively yahoo group and I suspect some of the folks who read here might be interested, too. So if you have a Mac, you might want to roam around in your applications folder and see what you find. I know the other thing we talked about once was the graphing software which their kids thought was great for learning algebra.

Have fun!


3 thoughts on “comics software

  1. You are just making me wish for a MAC! I will have to search out and see if there is something similar for PC.

    BTW, I ran across a box of antique French literature and lesson books, which were probably my Great Aunt Marions from the 1910-20s. Would you and Tigger enjoy them?


  2. Ack. Some days I feel like a crow: Bright Shiny New Things=Me Want.

    Richard has this on his new laptop, along with other cool stuff like Keynote and Garage Band, plus some other program (Postcard?) that allows him to insert himself into a series of backgrounds. It also has a DVD recording drive, something mine, alas, does not.

    How did you get one of our cats into your comic? The ginger one looks exactly like our Toffee!


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