Oh dear

Remember how I said that any book Becky recommends is probably worth it? Well she recommended a book blog the other day. Interesting Non-fiction for Kids (I.N.K.). Given my view that a well written book is as good a reason to study a topic as any, I figured this would be a good idea.

Well, this blog is now testing my resolve regarding going out and buying new books every time I see a good review. Todays post has some very good selections. There is the book about Alice Roosevelt that Becky already reviewed. But also a very interesting book about Ida B. Wells and lynching.

We are doing the Boomerang with Bravewriter and this month’s book is Crispin Cross of Lead. The first discussion question was about being declared a “wolfs head” and what that meant. The book is set in 14th century England but it seems that lynching would tie in with that discussion a bit — popular justice, not being considered human, etc. Not the kind of discussion everyone wants to have with their kids, but something that might make sense for us.


One thought on “Oh dear

  1. Is your library system any better than ours about getting American history books, especially juvenile US history?

    We have conversations here all the time that I think would have other families shaking their heads if not barring their doors!


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