Tigger’s first pay cheque

This is a brag post. Tigger is now a published author who has been paid for her writing. I am very proud of her. At the risk of giving away her real identity in cyberspace, she has an article in the most recent issue of New Moon Magazine.

New Moon

I helped her write it back in July. I used a lot of ideas about freewriting and revising from The Writer’s Jungle. We did a little bit at a time over several days. While Tigger found the process hard, she recognized that it really made her writing better. I can see why Julie recommends that you not have your kids revise everything they write. It is hard work. But every so often it is worth going through that process.

The article is Tigger’s work. I guided her through the process and kept her on track with the deadline but they are her ideas and her words. Thanks also to her friend Q. who read and commented on a draft from the perspective of a girl the age of the audience for New Moon.


4 thoughts on “Tigger’s first pay cheque

  1. Congrats Tigger! How exciting! Nice new look over here too. I will have to get the current issue to inspire Anoif. She’s been loving writing ever since nanowrimo and has at least three “book” in progress. It might be nice to have a smaller project and see it finished like you guys did.


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