I’m knitting

Since the hats, I haven’t really done a lot of knitting. The hats were mostly Germany, so October. I’ve knit some socks and a couple of baby hats and some mittens since then but I was in a real knitting funk. I might be coming out of that now.

My main knitting right now is Otis in some navy blue Silk Road Aran Tweed with little purple flecks in it. Very soft. (The cats love it!) Given that yarn choice, it is obvious that I’m thinking of this as a winter cardigan/top rather than the spring/summer one it is designed as. So I’m making the sleeves longer. I have also now decided to add a few inches to the bottom. I don’t know why I didn’t do a provisional cast-on since I was also ambivalent about the designed length.

But the front and back are done, blocked (in the sense of washed and layed flat to dry) and seamed and it fits well. I’m knitting the sleeves top down so I can keep trying them on to check length and whatnot. I picked up around the armhole in a kind of reverse of the cap shaping and have been knitting down in the round. After a couple of inches I started decreasing 2 stitches at the underarm “seam” every 8 rows. I’ve just switched to seed stich on the first sleeve and am debating whether to just have a couple of inches at the bottom (to match what I’m adding to the body of the sweater) or whether to double that and fold it back.

I plan to cut off the 3 rows of seed stitch around the bottom of the body (after running a thread through the last stockingnette row) and knitting down in seed stitch for about 4 inches with some increases. The sweater as designed comes to my natural waist so I need to add some shaping as I go down. I can kind of imagine how that will look and I think with the matching wide seed stitch band on the sleeve it’ll be quite nice. I’m sticking with the ribbon ties. I figure a bit of grosgrain ribbon is in order.

The other thing I am knitting is a pair of socks for my dad. Tigger told me I had to. His birthday is at the end of the month (he’ll be 78). Since he very much appreciated the last 2 pair I’ve knit him, I’m okay with this. They didn’t have any appropriate colours of the Regia Silk in the LYS, so I got Arequipa in a brown/green colour. This has alpaca in it and is very soft. The colours are very dark and masculine in a conservative guy kind of way. I’m sticking with the garter rib because one of the things Dad effusively appreciates is the fact that the socks I have knit him “don’t even think about falling down”. I decided to go with garter toes and heels this time. Shake it up. Live on the edge.


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