Is it Wednesday?


Sesame Street not suitable for children

A brief extract:

Cookie Monster
is the number one problem, not because he is a monster, but because he
eats cookies (encourages obesity), and when his addiction takes a
special stranglehold, the plate (might hurt). His alter ego, Alistair
Cookie, used to smoke a pipe before eating it, which, Sesame Street
producer Carol-Lynn Parente explained to the New York Times, "modelled
the wrong behaviour", and so Alistair was, tragically, dropped, and he
now probably munches down on pipes in bitterness in illegal pipe dens.

I may need a category called something like "what is the world coming to?"


4 thoughts on “Is it Wednesday?

  1. If you’re going to read the Guardian, try these instead:,,2217234,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=10,,2215993,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=10

    Feel better?

    My father wouldn’t let us watch Sesame Street when I was little — I was watching one of the first episodes, and one of the characters talked about “a egg”, and that was it as far as my father was concerned! He would definitely agree that it’s unsuitable…


  2. Actually, that is a much better reason. My brother, an elementary school teacher, also thinks it is insidious in its training of short attention span. And I’d add the training in the format of media that includes advertisements. Even though there were no “real” ads, those ads for numbers (“You wanna buy an 8?”) were setting folks up to expect that sort of thing.


  3. Thou shalt not have any fun. Thou shalt not be silly or envoke silly cookie eating, characters lest ye become obsese.
    Thou shalt not misbehave and ye shalt sit still and be quiet…sigh.

    Remember when conservatives told liberals that we spoiled all the fun? I can’t believe this stuff.


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