Things a tripod cat can do just as well as a quadraped (almost)

Edited to add another stunt. (3:16 p.m.)

I figured that Blitzen’s adjustment to the tripodal life would involve changing some of his habits. For example, Blitzen prefers to drink water out of the toilet. Even though there is a dish of water near his food, he eats and then goes in the bathroom for a drink. I know that a cat drinking out of a toilet sounds complicated and it requires a certain amount of skill and balance. But that’s what he likes.

I figured maybe with 3 legs, this wasn’t really going to work. I have even been trying to remember to put the lid down so he doesn’t try and end up going for a swim. But last night, when I woke up at 2:30 a.m. needing to pee, I came down and had to wait. Blitzen was having a drink. He didn’t fall in. And he didn’t have any problems getting down. He wasn’t wet, so I assume he didn’t have any problems getting up either.

This morning we couldn’t find him. We looked everywhere and he was nowhere to be found. Our house has sloped ceilings in the bedrooms and in my room the chests of drawers are set into the knee-wall. They aren’t really built in. There is an opening (with a supporting beam along the top) and they slide into the space. There are two chests of drawers with a set of shelves between. The cats have enjoyed jumping up on the shelves and then climbing onto the chest of drawers and dropping down behind them.

Tigger went upstairs to get dressed and heard a bump and a meow. She pulled out the shelves and, sure enough, Blitzen was behind there. The jump is higher getting back out. (The top shelf is lower than the top of the chest of drawers.) Glad someone heard him though I had suspected and might have pulled the shelves out to look at some point.

Later… we went out to run some errands and when we got back he seemed to be missing again. We heard an odd noise. Tigger investigated. It was a door banging. He had got himself down behind the dryer and there is a hole into the side of the cabinet the sink is in (between the dryer and the washer) so he’d gone through there and was trying to get out of the cabinet. (Is there an emoticon for rolling your eyes?)

I think this means he’s feeling lots better. He sure moves fast if I open the back door for any reason. But the stitches must come out. Then we’ll see.


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  1. Hey there! Glad to see Blitzen is getting better. Tricky cats. I tell ya. We should try to connect soon. When are you available? I can imagine things are getting pretty hectic around there…!


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