Lest you think it is all injured cats and work around here…

I thought I’d provide a recipe that we’re using to deal with the major glut of little tomatoes. There are a bunch of different varieties. Some are red. Some are yellow. Some are round. Some are pear shaped. Some we planted. Some planted themselves. I have no idea what the variety names are but I seem to have an awful lot of cherry tomatoes.

Warning, as some of you know, I’m not a big fan of the low fat diet. Particularly when it comes to olive oil. And if you want to use some cheaper oil or use less oil, the resulting flavour is at your own risk.

Roast Tomato Sauce

Wash and put in a single layer in a baking pan. Put a clove or two of garlic in there (no need to peel or chop). Some oregano (or whatever suitable herb you grow). Maybe some salt and pepper though I’ve been forgetting that. Pour a whole bunch of olive oil over it (enough to roast the tomatoes and provide some oil for the sauce). Stick it in a hot oven for about 30 minutes.

Once it is cooled down I squish it through one of those conical strainer things to get rid of all the skins and most of the seeds. It makes the sort of sauce that just coats your pasta. Very tasty. I bet it would be good on chicken or something, too.

We’ve been freezing this to use later. I’m pretty sure it isn’t acidic enough to can.

I thought about taking some photos but forgot. And then I figured it was more important to provide a recipe than a picture.


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  1. I do something similar (have to rely on the farmer’s market for supplies, though) but just whizz the whole lot, skins and all. Seems to work!

    Totally with you on the generous oil, though.


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