Blitzen is home

We’ve just brought him home from the vet. They gave him a certificate.

Certiicate He was purring when they went down to get him to bring him up to me. And is mostly just starved for affection (since they can’t sit around cuddling him all day over there).

I won’t take a photo since most of you probably don’t want to see all his shaved bits and sutures and stump and whatnot. He’s got to work out how to walk and things so they recommend keeping him in one room for a while. So he’s up in Tigger’s room, which is also the only room with a carpet — easier to walk on than hardwood. But mostly because that is where he likes to sleep anyway. She’s dealing with the affection deficit right now.

I think he’s going to be fine. Funny looking but fine. His sister is not so sure. She hissed. But she’s been doing that to him all summer so no change there.


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