educational philosphy

As I’ve been on this journey, I’ve read a lot of things about approaches to homeschooling. While some folks figure you need to have your eductaional philosophy figured out in order to be able to proceed, I’m more of a "lets try this road and see where it leads" kind of person. But I do think about these things.

A while ago I discovered the Homeschooling Creatively yahoo group and have been a member. I’m not sure if Tigger is a right-brained learner or not, but I get enough good ideas from this list to make it worth while. The list moderator, Cindy, also keeps a blog but even more erratically than I do. There are great posts in there about her Collaborative Learning Process. But today, she’s posted a summary on Life Without School that really hits the key points. This post is worth reading. It has certainly helped me clarify what is important about my own educational philosophy.

Thanks Cindy.

(I’ve not put the links for the other stuff in here because she has them in her post. And I think if you were going to read one thing, it would be that post. Have fun exploring the links if you are interested though.)


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