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George Monbiot provides a very good summary of everything I think of contemporary politics in his recent piece in the Guardian.

During our last federal election, I had quipped that it didn’t matter who you voted for because the conservatives had already won. A few months later, I discovered that one of my friends had misunderstood me to have believed that a Conservative victory (not the capitalization, indicating a specific political party) was a foregone conclusion. What I meant was more like what Monbiot says in the linked article.

Despite my normal tendency towards optimism, I’m not so sure that he is right that it is sowing the seeds of its own destruction.

Because this sort of debate in the US tends to quickly dissolve into a strict dichotomy between Soviet style state socialism and US style neoliberalism, I will state for the record that I’m not a fan of either. And I don’t think they are the only choices.What I’d really like to hear is imaginative, creative thoughts on where we might go and what a better system might look like, even if we don’t have all the pieces in place or have no idea how we get there from here.


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  1. It seems that politicians (and others) who give voice to the extreme end of any spectrum are the ones who get the press. Balanced, nuanced thinking is not given much air time. I think that’s why – as you pointed out – economic debates seem to be framed in terms of communism vs. radical neoliberalism. Thanks for sharing the article, and discussing your thoughts!



  2. Unfortunately it seems like elections are not the time for these ideas about what kind of society we want to be discussed. While I’ve already got my local NDP’ers sign on my lawn I still don’t like how he and everyone else frames debates–it’s all about saving money, not about spending it on things that create livable communities which is what my chosen candidate actually supports but which is not something that makes any politician popular since he must be some socialist tax-grabber.


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