What I did on my vacation…

Not only did I remember to bring the camera, I actually took it out and took a few photos. Only once though, but I thought I’d share.

My mom is from Niagara Falls. I’ve been more times than I care to count but we mostly don’t do any of the tourist stuff (unless it involves flowers). When they retired, my parents moved back to the Niagara region. My mom turned 80 last Friday and we went down for a visit. On Sunday my dad took her to the Blue Jays game (there was a bus tour) so we entertained ourselves.


Jf_misty_maidenHere we are on the Maid of the Mist. That photo with Tigger and Mat has the Rainbow Bridge in the background.

I also took a few of the falls from the boat.


The first one is of the Horseshoe falls (one end which is why it doesn’t look like a horseshoe. The other is of the American falls. The little bit off to the right is called the Bridal Veil. That boat is one of the Maids that leaves from the US shore.

I also took one of the old hydro building that is at the bottom of the cliff on the Canadian side.

Hydro_2There are other buildings from this era along the parkway. I love how even generating stations had arched windows and decorative features. Very nice.

The Maid of the Mist has been around forever but it is definitely one of the things worth doing at the falls. Of course, they’ve been trying to get money out you down there since forever which is probably why my mom is such a cynic about tourist attractions. But there are nice things.

The day before, Tigger had gone to the Laura Secord house with her grandparents. And on Monday my dad came with us to Fort George. I’ve just picked up the video of the part of Canada: A People’s History that deals with Loyalists and the war of 1812.

My uncle is involved in his local historical society and had recently been to a meeting where they were talking about how to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. He is a man after my own heart. He suggested we burn down the White House. Again. I bet they won’t though.


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  1. What an amazing trip and photos. Thank you for the history links! We want to study more of the Canadian and Native parts while doing American history next year, and these will come in handy. I will be calling on you for advice when we make our travel plans! BTW, that sure would be one hell of a bonfire!


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