For Kim

I sent Kim some instructions about reskeining yarn so she could wash it and maybe dye it. As I was skeining up the yarn I’ve been spinning it occurred to me to take some pictures for her.

Here is the niddy-noddy and what the yarn is supposed to look like when it is wound onto it. The ends have bent in a bit because I wound a bit tightly. This is not a serious problem.

And then I took a close up of one of the figure-8 ties.

Have a great time with your wonderful haul, Kim.

Everyone else should go see what she found and give her encouragement and ideas for what to do with it. Kim loves to knit. But she is the ultimate process knitter and sometimes feels guilty that she knits stuff she doesn’t like the look of. I think this find gives her the perfect opportunity to guilt-free knitting with nice yarn (not to mention maybe dying it with drink mix with her kids. She is an unschooler.).


One thought on “For Kim

  1. Oh. That’s a niddy noddy? I guess my friend doesn’t have one of those I can borrow. I must’ve been clicking on an old link to your blog somehow because I kept coming here to look for pictures and not seeing this! Thanks for the pics.


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