I made a little button…

As many of you know, I am not very good with the technical stuff. I’m not quite the "user" who "who may or may not understand the concept of the electrical plug and the "On" button."  But I’m not very proficient beyond the basics required to get this thing up here. One of the reasons I blog on Typepad is because the Six Apart folks have made it relatively easy for folks like me to do things that look pretty good.

I wanted to put a button on my sidebar reminding folks that I had a pattern for sale, with a link to where you could buy it. In my mind, I pictured a little button with a picture on it, like Cassie has in her sidebar. I wasn’t entirely sure how to do this and sought a bit of advice from my geekiest friends. Of course, I was in denial about a bigger problem which was how to get the text onto the picture so it had the pattern name on it. (I notice Cassie had a friend do that for her.)

Well, today I sat down and figured it out. I usually use iPhoto which doesn’t seem to have the ability to add text to the photo. (If anyone knows differently, shout out in the comments.) But my printer came with something called PhotoStudio so I tried that and with a bit of trial and error I worked out what layers were and how to manipulate the text and so on. That got me a JPG with some text written on the photo.

I then remembered something about TypeLists. I do know how to get things like the size of an image on a webpage, and the code and stuff (and I’d had Ron and Andrea’s advice about what the code should look like). That and my ability to use a help menu resulted in that cute little ATLA button over there on the right.

My mental image had me clicking on the image to go through to Wild Geese Fibres. But it put a title in instead so you click on that. Somewhat less elegant but not enough to bother me. BTW, when you click, you have to scroll down the page until you see the matching picture. And while you are there, you can browse through Barb’s yarn and find something suitable.


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