Shawl pattern finished

Small_shawl_front_copyI finally got the shawl blocked and took some photos.Bw_small_shawl_back_2


The pattern will be available from Wild Geese Fibres in a few days.

The shawl is a faroese style, knit from the neck down. The front edging is knit as you go along and the bottom edging is a continuation of that knit across the live stitches at the bottom. This means that there is no cast on or cast off edge. The lace pattern is a garter stitch base so you don’t have to worry about the direction your decreases lean. It is based on a pretty easy diamond motif, but the overall pattern uses variations on that with patches of plain garter stitch to add interest and emphasize the unique elements of a faroese style shawl. 

I knit this using 90% alpaca/10% Shetland lace-weight that I got from Wild Geese Fibres. It took less than 600 yards. The stitch definition is really nice and the yarn is very soft. Barb may be putting together kits of yarn and pattern and could certainly advise on what yarn would work well from her current stock.

I really like the Faroese style shawl because the shape stays on the shoulders nicely. But I have made no attempt to design an authentic version. In fact, the authentic versions are usually very plain knit from thicker yarns because they are meant for everyday wear. My version was designed as a special occasion shawl. It was also designed for a child, a child who is now 4’6" but a child nevertheless. It would make a nice shoulder shawl for an adult women, particularly someone who is in a smaller size range. It might also be good for a teen’s graduation.

I hope you like it. I welcome any comments on the pattern and would love to see pictures of it if you choose to knit it.



9 thoughts on “Shawl pattern finished

  1. Beautiful. I love it. Thanks for doing the extra work to make it available to the world. Ellie has been bugging me for a shawl.

    Tigger is SO grown up. Wow.


  2. Gorgeous work! Tigger looks very lovely.

    Emma has been asking for a shawl and I think this is the right one. No alpaca for me though, I’ll pop over to Wild Geese and find a good sub.


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