a bit absent

Sorry all. I’ve not been posting much lately. Not sure if it is lack of anything to say or what. I have not dropped off the face of the earth. I am, however, going on a bit of a trip. British Columbia. A week in Victoria followed by 10 days in Vancouver. I might try to blog en route about stuff we are doing, but no guarantees. I did buy batteries for the camera, though that probably doesn’t guarantee anything either.

Tigger thinks of this as a learning journey. More Emily Carr is on the list. Also whales. And I’m not sure what else. Should be fun. And of course it is already spring out there.

Here there are snowdrops. All the snow is gone except where it is either very shaded or very piled up.


7 thoughts on “a bit absent

  1. Have a wonderful time! Victoria should be lovely this time of year.

    I’m feeling a bit blog-lethargic myself, about my own and even reading others’. There just seems to be so much our family can do with me away from a screen, and I think I’m just ready for a bit of a break.


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