Oh, yeah, I knit a shawl…

I have finally taken some photos of the shawl that I knit for Tigger. I will be making the pattern for a version of this available for sale but need to knit up a sample and sort out the details. It will not be exactly the same because the centre panel uses a scarf pattern that I do not have permission to use in a version for distribution. The good news is that it was fairly easy to design an alternative centre panel based on the basic block of the side panels. Also, the for sale version will have no beads (not that you can see them very well in this one anyway but they are important to Tigger).

A reminder that this is a faroese style shawl of my own design. The yarn is 90% alpaca and 10% shetland from Wild Geese Fibres (and no , dear google, I don’t mean fibers). It took less than 600 yards (which means I have enough left to knit the sample of the revised pattern) and was wonderfully soft and springy. It blocks beautifully. Added bonus — 100% Canadian. (as always, click for bigger)






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  1. Funny, I was admiring your shawl yesterday morning…then I went to a class and a woman there was knitting a shawl. Is there a new trend or is it just a coincidence?


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