A while ago I noticed that Tigger was playing a game about opera on TVO Kids. I can’t seem to find that game now but she was learning a bit about the music and characters from a few famous operas. My parents really like opera so I mentioned it to them thinking that if there was an appropriate opera in their subscription season, Tigger might be able to go with them as she did with the ballet last year.

We looked at their season and there didn’t seem to be anything that looked right. But then my parents found out about this. You can see live performances of the Metropolitan Opera by satellite in HD cinemas. They are matinee performances at a reasonable price. And in March they are doing The Barber of Seville, which is one of the ones that I know was in that game. So we might try it out.

Apparently this has not been widely advertised. My parents found out about it in an editorial in the newspaper. Nevertheless these things sell out. Some of them in advance. So I think we might buy tickets soon.

I’m going to take the approach recommended in And the Skylark Sings with Me (thanks to Willa for suggesting this however obliquely). David Albert recommends reading about the story beforehand and leaving when your child has had enough. (It is a 3-hour performance with an intermission which is kind of long even for an adult.)


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  1. That sounds like a good plan. My first opera was at the Met, la Traviata, and I recall getting a tad sleepy, even though I was in my 20’s and familar with the music and story!


  2. I just found your blog through the unschooling blogring. Then I saw fiber art stuff, then I saw you had to be near Ottawa, so I bloglined you.

    What a great idea about the opera. When I mentioned it to my husband, his reply was: “Oh, I heard about that on the CBC radio, it’s called Live Opera at the theatre.” I guess he didn’t think to share the information. Now if only the theater’s online reservation system worked…


  3. Maybe you went to the opera last Saturday? We tried (in Kingston) but it was sold out 24 hours in advance so we’ll have to catch the encore performance in April. I recommend early arrival as we had to watch The Magic Flute from the first row despite arriving 15 minutes beforehand. My 9-year old son (science obsessed) has attended all of the operas, sometimes with a female friend (age 12) who wants to become a singer. Both absolutely love them. I would be hesitant to take some of his other friends though. We go out during the admission for a game of air hockey in the arcade area just to get the body moving. The intermissions are long enough, particularly if you don’t watch the interviews, that you could also get a treat and take a stroll. The intermission starts with interviews, then just shows a static screen with a countdown, then has more interviews before resuming the opera. My son insists on watching the interviews however and is captivated the whole way through the opera, much more so than at some movies. We watched the Magic Flute and I Puritani again on PBS out of Watertown. They were on a Wednesday night at 9 pm. Anyways, I highly recommend giving it a shot.


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