I was rather interested in a few posts about notebooking. In particular, it was great to hear about rather ad hoc and random uses of notebooks by homeschoolers (both themselves and their kids). Tigger is always wanting new notebooks, especially pretty ones, but I have been reluctant to purchase more for indeterminate purpose. I decided to get over it.


These are some of the pretty notebooks we have purchased recently. The plain black one is actually a sketchbook, with an elastic that holds it closed. It has that nice thick, slightly rough paper that sketchbooks often have (this was important for her). I’m hoping this will encourage more drawing, building on the classes she had in the fall.

The one with the cat was purchased by her dad and came in her stocking. It has an attached ribbon bookmark and lined pages. She is using it for notes about the dolls’ schoolwork (a whole other topic, I suspect), a diary, and other random notes. She starts and ends diary entries with “Dear Diary” and “Sincerely, [signature]”, which she says makes it easy to distinguish the diary part from the other stuff. We took it to the museum yesterday and she noted down a quote from Einstein and allowed me to write out the protocol for the water density experiment while we were discussing it in the restaurant.

The other one we bought a while ago for writing out prayers. She was interested in learning more prayers and borrowed some books from the Christian Education coordinator at church. It’s been a bit hit and miss but she likes the idea of it. It can be a good way to get her to do some copywork, too. She has lovely handwriting but doesn’t write much (though that might change what with all the notebooks!).

Then when we were at the library the other day, we found a cool book about making and decorating your own notebooks.


As you can see, Tigger has already started working on making a more interesting cover for one of the standard coil notebooks she has been using for various purposes for ages. She also bought a couple of nice postcards at the museum to use as covers for handmade noteboooks. Combined with some scrapbooking supplies a friend gave her for Christmas, I’m not sure what we’ll end up with. But I think it might be interesting.

[For those that might be wondering the white knitting in the top of the photo is a demonstration short-row sock heel. I was using it to show her how to do the heel on the sock she is knitting.]


4 thoughts on “Notebooks

  1. I am glad you are exploring notebooking more. I have been an addict since I was a kid. I can’t tell you how fun it is to look through a few of them thirty years later! I always have so many going-crafts, ideas, quotes and ponderings,reading and book notes, home remodeling, etc,. Girlie seems to have fallen in line, although of late has many more sketchbooks than journals.


  2. When I was a kid, a blank notebook and a pen were the BEST gifts! 🙂 My 12-year-old daughter has a prodigious collection of notebooks. Unfortunately she fills in a few pages and casts them aside. However she does use them to collect quotes, jot down lists, gather facts, write novels, and other things.


  3. I love notebooks. I have a work one where I put down stuff I have to do, and ideas that I want to pursue and where I free write when I can’t get something started.

    I also started an idea notebook for the house so I can record all those things we need to do, sketch things we want to build and make lists of what we need to buy at home depot (our new church).

    Emma loves the notebooks too. She has a diary one, a sketchbook, story ones and some she just uses for whatever. I like that she’s writing and creating so I encourage the collection.

    I have a Palm that could hold all this stuff, but somehow it’s just not the same as a book you can write in.


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