Now I REALLY need help


I noticed this the other day. It looked worse with the bottom of my foot showing through. But I did not panic. I put them in the wash and then instead of putting them in my drawer, I threw them in the knitting basket. Today, I got out the bin with leftover sock yarn in it fully intending to reknit the heels. This is what I found.


Nowhere near enough to reknit a heel. This is what you get when you knit toe up to make sure you don’t run out. Insignificant leftovers.

Does anyone have enough Socks That Rock in the colour Ruby Slippers to knit a heel? And would you mind sending it to me?


One thought on “Now I REALLY need help

  1. But is there a law somewhere that says you MUST use the same colour of yarn to repair that hole? You can find a coordinating colour, or a solid, or even a contrast! It will still work…. as a sock!


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