Design and Knit a sweater

In addition to starting new lace project, I have picked up the sweater I was designing for Tigger. I blogged about an earlier version here (scroll down to the paragraph beginning “Second, “). The idea was to design a ribbed sweater with a cable medallion that looked like the ribs were crossing each other in a basketweave, with a V-neck taking that shape upwards. It looks like I originally planned 3/4 sleeves but this has gone out the window.

I started this when I got some blue chenille yarn. I was thinking of those ribbed chenille sweaters you often see in the Gap (at least in the kids section) and went from there. But the chenille was a nightmare to knit with and impossible to get even tension with in ribbing and I abandoned that idea. I did, however, work out a few things about the design before I did so.

Last Xmas I bought some very nice Rowanspun DK in a sale with a plan to revive this design in that yarn. I even started it, swatching in stockingnette to determine an appropriate needle size last February, and then casting on a sleeve as a ribbing-in-the-round swatch. I have a vague memory of blogging about the fact that doing this means resigning yourself to potentially knitting 3 sleeves, which I did, but I can’t seem to find that now and don’t fancy searching all my posts for it. I stopped working on this sweater in the early summer, I think.

So I picked up the second (probably 3rd but I think I ripped the first sleeve/swatch) sleeve half-knit and tried to work out where I was going. I found some notes suggesting how often I was decreasing (and I did eventually check that with the completed sleeve though not before I had knit about 40 rounds). Of course, children grow so I checked that it still fit and though it was tight, I figured it would do and kept going. I decided that the finished sleeve was long enough to go to the underarm and that I’d finish the second one and then knit the body, later joining them to knit in the round with raglan shaping.

I measured Tigger’s chest and waist to determine how many to cast on for the body, started then ripped out when I realized that I needed to have a number that would put 2 purl stitches at the centre front and 2 knit stitches at the side “seam”. When I got to the point where I wanted to measure to see if I was almost where I needed to start the medallion or join the sleeves, I measured it against a ribbed, cotton turtleneck she has that fits well and had some concerns that maybe I should have made this a bit bigger around. But I’m knitting blythely on.

I did some calculations about row gauge, depth of armscye, depth of the v-neck, height of the medallion, etc. and planned out the medallioin placement, and decrease schedules for the raglan shaping and the v-neck. I’m not sure that the cable looks right. The purl ground at the edges looks odd to me but Tigger says it looks good so I’m leaving it. I’m also not sure how else I would do it. I might rip back if I had an alternate plan but I don’t so we’ll let it go.

I discovered this evening that I did the math wrong on the raglan shaping. I’ve decided not to rip back but adjust the schedule to get the right number now. This means I’ve done widely spaced decreases for the first part and will decrease every second round from where the medallion ends. I hope that looks okay. I did remember that I’ll be picking up and knitting on a bit of something around the neck (there is a contrast band at the bottom so I want to add the darker blue at the neck, too).

To sum up, the current situation is that I have serious concerns that this sweater will be too small (as in too tight), I’m not sure the medallion looks right, and I may have screwed up the raglan shaping in ways that will look seriously funny. I’m continuing to knit this sweater because for some reason I think I won’t be able to make a definitive judgement on any of those issues until I can view a completed sweater on a child. At that point, I will have to decide what to do. If the only problem is the size, then I have a smaller child in mind who might like the sweater. If either the medallion or the raglan shaping or both don’t look right, then I will probably try to work out what to do differently, write all that down (I wouldn’t blame you for laughing there, given my track record), rip and try again. For some reason the thought of that doesn’t make me want to scream.

I do not have a photo for you and it is now evening and I suspect any photo I take is going to be woefully inadequate given the combination of the light conditions and my poor photographic skills. I’ll let you try to imagine what I’m doing and give you a photo later.


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  1. Love that you are so determinedly avoiding ripping out. Worthy of me, I feel!
    That yarn will eventually turn into something wonderful, even if not right now.


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