A workbook came in the mail yesterday that I had ordered so long ago I’d forgotten about it. It was a set of grade 3-6 activities with the patternblocks I’d ordered in the summer. It motivated us to get the pattern blocks out and play a bit. I had looked through the book last night but we weren’t really working with it. Here are some of the fun things we made while eating our lunch.




We also did a bunch of exercises making ever larger similar figures with multiples of one figure. That third picture is done on top of a 7 x 7 rhombus using other shapes. Tigger is now making people, dogs, flowers and trees. Lots of fun.


4 thoughts on “Geometry

  1. 😀 We have the same blocks and wind up with half the family making all kinds of things all over the dining room table. yes, even Ron. Or, I should say especially Ron…

    We don’t have any books though. I’m wondering if we really would use them, since the blocks get used quite a bit anyway.


  2. Andrea just said everything I thought of after I’d read the post through RSS.

    I find the patterns that can be developed through the combination of shapes to be quite fascinating.


  3. We have some plastic tangram pieces, but those wooden blocks look much nicer. The kids love to play with them, and I wouldn’t mind getting something more substantial, especially if they come with enough pieces for three creations at a time, which we don’t have. Where did you Eastern types find them lol?


  4. Becky
    I got my set from Canadian Home Education Resources but I don’t see them on the catalogue. Ebay has a bunch listes. And most teachers’ stores carry them around here.


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