The triumph of hope

Those little mittens were coming along really well. The colours are ideal for the kid I have in mind to give them to, and the first mitten seemed to take about half the yarn. I knit merrily along on the second mitten hoping that I was right. It was only as I reached the tip of the mitten, that I realized hope would not triumph. I had about a foot left. Not enough to knit a thumb.

I left them on my desk, on the needles, needing only the end running through the remaining stitches at the top, wondering if I would need to rip both mittens and knit a hat or something instead, or knit smaller mittens (the intended recipient has a younger sister), or what.

And then I remembered that this yarn was the white Shelridge Farms worsted weight that I had used for the Toronto Maple Leaf socks. And that the inspiration, and pattern (such as it was, more a description of a stripe pattern), came from Brainy Lady. I left a brief comment on her blog asking if she had any left. And she did. She was prepared to send either all she had or just 10 yards (enough for a thumb) but realized she wasn’t going to knit with it any time soon and sent the lot.

This is what I did with it. (orange, cherry and grape KoolAid)


And because a thumb doesn’t take much and there is a little sister…


I started a hat. I like this style for kids. Start with a bit of i-cord (on 3 stitches this time but I think I’ve done it with 4)), then increase in every stitch, knit a couple of rounds, increase in every stitch again, knit a couple of rounds, increase at 6 points every 3rd round for a while (this makes the top a bit pointier, I think), then every second round until it is big enough around, then continue straight until it is long enough. I keep going in stockingnette and let the edge roll so that should be taken into account when deciding what is long enough.


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  1. I can’t believe that’s the yarn that was sitting in my drawer, all plain and white and neglected! I’m happy it’s found a good home — it looks great.


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