The point…

Here’s the conclusion to Ron’s post today.

“What I set out to do as a parent and while I was an instructor was cultivate the ability to think and apply the knowledge that they have at their disposal. Knowledge has never been easier to attain. The ability to use the knowledge available has never seemed to be in such short supply.”

I couldn’t agree more.


3 thoughts on “The point…

  1. I agree! People seem to have become obsessed with ‘training’ – they can’t do anything unless they’re ‘trained’! Sandra was recently in an appliance store and she asked an assistant some technical questions about an appliance. The assistant replied he didn’t know about that stove – he hadn’t been ‘trained in it’ yet. She asked for the manual for that model – they didn’t have one on the floor. She went home and found it on the net. She won’t be returning to that store. But I htink it’s symbolic of a widespread attitude that ‘knowledge’ is something you have to be given, not something you can (and should!) take responsibility for developing yourself.


  2. Goodness knows how true this is! I am often stunned at the inability to just “think” out there. However, it is successfully proving the socialist paradigm public education was centered around…mindless drones to work in the factories. Scary though!


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