Grammar fascists rule!

The consequences of not learning your grammar. The first line of that story is “It could be the most costly piece of punctuation in Canada.”


6 thoughts on “Grammar fascists rule!

  1. Simple…if the second comma is not there, the cancellation part of the sentence does not apply to the first clause. But I think that people would still argue about it. The sentence would be far clearer broken into two sentences to make sure that the reader knows to which period the cancellation policy applies.

    This totally cracks me up. 🙂


  2. Wow! I have to share this with the kids. Maybe they will see that grammar is indeed something more than my anal-retentiveness!


  3. I had the same reaction as Lee Ann – even with correct puncuation, it is structured without specificity.

    But funny. Very funny. They always said that degree in English was useless…now who’s laughing?

    Did you ever read the Connie Willis short story Blued Moon?


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