Condemn the violence

Israel pounded suspected Hezbollah positions across Lebanon on Thursday, extending its air campaign a day after suffering its highest one-day casualty toll since its military offensive began. An Israeli cabinet minister said lack of agreement on a ceasefire gave Israel permission to press deeper to wipe out the Islamic militant group.

This is the first paragraph of an article in the Globe and Mail this morning. This makes me furious. By not coming out and clearly condeming the violence, the world has implicitly supported an escalation in the violence.

It is possible to condemn all the violence. No one needs to support terrorists. But our political leaders need to get off their butts and condemn it. It has got to stop.


One thought on “Condemn the violence

  1. Why don’t people get this?! THEY ARE KILLING PEOPLE. THIS IS BAD. STOP.

    And this whole “terrorist” discourse has to stop too. It seems like a way to just avoid talking and continue bombing to me.


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