National perspectives on historical events

A while ago MotherCrone and I had a conversation about how history looks different from the other side of the border and how she wanted to give her children a less ethnocentric view of history (even their own, American, history).

We are members of the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Canadian War Museum (one membership, two museums) and thus receive stuff in the mail regularly about what is coming up. Yesterday was the summer stuff. And the new special exhibition at the war museum is Clash of Empires, about the Seven Years War (1754-1763). It promises to look at not only the important impact on Canadian history but also its status as the first global war and its impact as a precursor to the American Revolution/War of Independence (you see, even what we call it depends on which side of the border we are on). It is a joint Canadian-American exhibition, so I suspect it might travel to other museums though there doesn’t seem to be information about that on the website.

It is here until the day after Remembrance Day in November (we honour veterens dead and alive all on one day, November 11), if you are planning any trips.


2 thoughts on “National perspectives on historical events

  1. And don’t forget the French & Indian War part of the Seven Years’ War, or that it’s called the F&I War in the U.S. and the Seven Years’ War by the Canadians, French, and British. And that’s not even getting into Anglo- and Franco-Canadian differences over the name, which would make a very interesting study for young Canadians, eh?

    One of the books I like best for this time period for my little dual citizens is Rosalyn Schanzer’s picture book, “George vs. George: The American Revolution as seen from Both Sides”.

    Let us know what the exhibit is like, please…


  2. That exhibit sounds amazing, and right up our alley. I am definitely throwing that out into the ring for a road trip with the kids this summer!


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